Triage in Emergency

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Triage in emergency to properly delineate patients according to the severity of their condition. 
This rationalises patient treatment according to their needs.

1. Triage - Purpose and benefits
2. Role of Triage Nurse.
3. Nursing Qualifications for Triage
4. Significance of nurses in Triage process
5. Assessment of patients for Triage
6. Canadian Triage and Acuity scale - CTAS 
7. Triage - Emergency Severity Index
8. South Africa Triage Score
9. Key Triage concepts
10. TEWS Calculator for Triage
11. Triage discriminators of Triage
12. Stepwise approach for Triage
13. Observation in Triage
14. Child TWES triage score calculator
15. Adult TEWS triage score calculator
16. Initial Triage based assessment and diagnosis
17. Triage bases initial treatment
18 . Triage room Care

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